About me

Curious to look behind the scenes, multiple interested in people, language, arts, music, photography, architecture and psychology I was looking for a profession including all of this and found it in Communications-Design.

For seven years I worked as an artdirector for agencies in Munich and served customers in different parts of economy, developing campaigns and advertisement media for them.

 Since 1996 I run my own office and have been working on designprojects for small and medium-sized companies as well as startups.

My analytic and pragmatic approach qualifyes me to work myself into diverse topics and my artificial approach to develope and visualize ideas.

Service overview:

 → Conceptualdesign and consulting: communication-strategy/campaign, brandintroduction, marketing-mix, productionmanagement (material, processing, print), qualitycontrol.

 → Design: corporate design, packagedesign, webdesign, editorial design, B2C (brochures, catalogs, promotionmaterial), B2B (POS, eventdesign).  Starting from draft over final drawing to the finished product.

→ Artdirection, artbuying, shootingorganisation. 

→ Illustration and informationgraphics.

→ Current works and selected projects are classified by theme in my portfolio and described in detail. For references of other topics or special assignments I compile an according PDF on request. A selection of companies you find in my list of clients sorted by line.

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