Rosy Green Wool

Webdesign with wool-shop

Corporate design with homepage and shop for a start-up company for knitting-fans: selling ultrasoft merino wool, mashine washable, organic, fair and GOTS certified. Tender illustrated and lovingly designed. Now live:

→ further work for the client: flyer, v-cards, colourcard, hangtags (below), displays, labels, knitting-kit with manual.

Gourmet Secret


Online goes Print

The internet is offering a big and unmanageable amount of food-specialties. Gourmet Secret is looking for the top food adresses online and offers with combined actions and advertisements in a standardized stylish design a collective platform. Beginning with an 8-page flyer with exclusive offers in an edition of 10.000 pieces, which is distributed from the participants on fairs and to be attached with onlineorders sent to the customers. More to find under

Witte’s Finest

Concept for store brand

At Munichs Viktualienmarkt the traditional store for food and fish „Fisch Witte“ offers regional specialties of their own breed, from Bavarian lakes and rivers as well as from all seven seas. Their own productline „Witte’s Finest“ combines well selected specialties like spicemixtures for home cooking: Fleur de Sel, oliveoils and lemonpepper as well as a fishscaler in an extra modelled box. The design is adapted fitting the content and packaging units but still recogniseable as the store brand. → Find more

→ Further works for this customer :  advertisement, posters, postcards, tablepromotions.

Photos: EISING STUDIO| Food Photo & Video, München (


Bali Pur

Lotao_Balipur_Plakat_Salz_jpgMeersalz aus Indonesien

„Bali Pur Fleur de Sel” in der 150 g Membrandose ergänzt die Lotao Packaging-Range um ein weiteres Qualitäts-Produkt. Mit der eleganten Teillackierung der schwarzen Flächen und den stempelartigen Illustrationen schliesst es sich optisch an die Zuckerserie KISS an. Abb. Einführungsplakat Biofach Nürnberg.

Logodesign of a ricebrand

Client. Lotao GmbH, rice-specialties

In western countries served as a side-dish it is main nutrition for people in Asia. RICE. To raise awareness for a food which is full of secrets, values and tradition from Far East, and transfer it into a main dish of a mainly western modern foodculture, this was the challenge. The forgotten Secret. East goes West.

The design of LOTAO ( „lo“ = gold, „tao“ = peoples) speaks in precious blacklaquer visual appearance and strong contrasts to give a pure and clear language.

The briefing background „feminin, valuable, spirited“ – „facile, friendly, smiling“ and stylish, modern with asia-touch gave an abundance of logo-variations which led by constant advancement to the final company-logo. The basic design of the whole fitting (logo, businesscard, stationary, forms) is black and white. In packaging it contrasts with strong coloring and a fine lining.

Both rice grains of the logo which substitute the T-Line like chopsticks, are used again as an icon for watermark on stationary, as print on a lock for the oilbottle (Elixir), or as a seal on the productpackaging. This raises the retentivity and recognition.

→ the CD was accepted as nominee in the shortlist of the Corporate Design Award 2011.

→ further projects for the client:  Design manual, imagebrochure, packaging, advertising, promotion for POS, B2B.

Event equipment

client: Social Media Kitchen GmbH and  Rings Kommunikation

In October 2011 Social Media Kitchen and Rings Kommunikation hostet together the Event „Info&Discuss 2.0“ a round of experts who examined and discussed the matter of Social Media/Online Marketing from different point of views with referenda and audience.

Therefor invitationcards, agenda, handouts (informationbrochures about issues and referenda) and displays had to be developed. The design should present the topic in an unusual, casual and creative way, however stay reputable and to be able to be connected in series, within the existing appearance.

Social media chanels and activities have spread rapidly in the worldwide net, having penetrated with their „tentacles“ all areas of working-environment and pose many questions and insecurities to the customer. For the keyvisual we chose the drawing of a calamary and a swimmer. This should communicate that with the help of professionals complex and strange issues can be converted in sensible and successful strategies. The graph is title for the brochure, display and important conceptual part of a 10-page leporellofold-invitation which can be cut of and pinned as a poster on the wall. Overleaf you find the agenda and all seven referenda with their issues. The upper section is designed as registration-form. Individual profile and content silhouette against other competitors on the market.

Depending on the companys name  – the kitchen – the recepie for prepairing a calamar dish is included. (text by Manuela Hörmann)

→  Concept, layout and final drawing.   →  Further works for the client:  Powerpoint Presentation and illustrations for  Infografics. → see pictures.

Infographics for Social Media Kitchen

How do I explain the use of a senseful social media strategy?

Graphic 1 visualieses the history and guides to the initial point. It shows how contacts and operating distance have changed in business by use of internet and socialmedia.

Followed by graphic 2 which uses the symbol of a watercontainer for the company which is overstrained by inquieries of twitter, facebook, etc… Valueable contacts are cruising through departments and are irretriverably lost. The goal is to use social media strategies to accomplish structures and direct ways to save and use added value.

→  Concept and visualisation as a presentationsample for Social Media Kitchen GmbH, adapted to existing CI.

fine sugar from java

Membrane-tin with golden brown lid, filling of 250 gramms, finishing with part laquering, dual-language (German – English) Client: LOTAO

Design for the sweet children of the product-family

The Brief:  With the concept and design of a sugarcan for „Java-Kiss“ Lotao brand does not only expand its range of products, it is opening a door for the sweet segment. So far oils and spices to improve and tune the forgotten rice-specialties from far-east, now there is the sweet finishing for Rising Sun Orange, which can be prepaired as sweet ricepudding and dessert. Finest unrefined raw sugar made from the blossom of a indonesian coconutpalm.

The packaging is not square anymore it is round shaped. It parts itself from the main product rice and should be recognised as LOTAO branded product, because rice and sugar are sold in different departments.

With „Ginger-Kiss“ the basic-layout of the „Kiss-Collection“ is to be continued which supports the new taste lemon-ginger by illustrative elements and the darker background-color visually.

 →  Further works for the client: CD, logo, stationary, design, manual, imagebrochure, flyer, advertisements, promotion material for POS. Consulting for concept and design (social media, online)

Rice Collection Lotao

Design for present edition A set for the connaisseur, as a present or an opener into the world of handsorted precious ricebreeds. The design of the stable laquerblack box wich is locked with a Lotao-seal and to be opened from the mid above, combines ornament and picture-language of the three „jewels“ of the Lotao-assortment. The shining yellow frame around from the CD of Rising Sun Orange marks the exceptional position of this limited edition. Content: 3 different ricebreeds packed in 150 g bag with samples of matching elixier (oils) and black perfectioner (spicemixture) Additionally: a 4-page folder with recepies printed on 170 g paper wih recepies by Feinkost-Käfer starcook Volker Eisenmann, with tips and prepairing advices by risolier Stefan Fak for the perfect success.  Developement, concept, layout and finaldrawing of the box, the recipiefolder, label and the freshness-seal → More to see about the development of the Lotao-appearance here Logo/CD