Witte’s Finest

Concept for store brand

At Munichs Viktualienmarkt the traditional store for food and fish „Fisch Witte“ offers regional specialties of their own breed, from Bavarian lakes and rivers as well as from all seven seas. Their own productline „Witte’s Finest“ combines well selected specialties like spicemixtures for home cooking: Fleur de Sel, oliveoils and lemonpepper as well as a fishscaler in an extra modelled box. The design is adapted fitting the content and packaging units but still recogniseable as the store brand. → Find more www.fisch-witte.de

→ Further works for this customer :  advertisement, posters, postcards, tablepromotions.

Photos: EISING STUDIO| Food Photo & Video, München (www.eising-studio.de).


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