Rice Collection Lotao

Design for present edition A set for the connaisseur, as a present or an opener into the world of handsorted precious ricebreeds. The design of the stable laquerblack box wich is locked with a Lotao-seal and to be opened from the mid above, combines ornament and picture-language of the three „jewels“ of the Lotao-assortment. The shining yellow frame around from the CD of Rising Sun Orange marks the exceptional position of this limited edition. Content: 3 different ricebreeds packed in 150 g bag with samples of matching elixier (oils) and black perfectioner (spicemixture) Additionally: a 4-page folder with recepies printed on 170 g paper wih recepies by Feinkost-Käfer starcook Volker Eisenmann, with tips and prepairing advices by risolier Stefan Fak for the perfect success.  Developement, concept, layout and finaldrawing of the box, the recipiefolder, label and the freshness-seal → More to see about the development of the Lotao-appearance here Logo/CD

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