Packaging Lotao

Lotao RangeClient: Lotao GmbH, rice-specialties Design of a package series (12 pieces), fillings: rice 400g, oil 200 ml, spicemixture 50g/45g. The whole Lotao-packaging, concept, layout, picture-research and -processing, as well as finish-drawing, was developed on the basis of the Corporate Design. The square was the basic shape for the packaging to raise the association, with the lid on top, of a holy shrine or temple. The 6 ricebreeds of the starter-assortment come from different producer areas, were picked out by Stefan Fak himself, and are only available in small amounts. Real premium products, organic, fair traded and certified. Each ricebreed stands with its heritage and own taste for an own special world and has a so called „godparent“ in b/w visual appearance and an ornament in the colorcode of the range as a picturesymbol, as well as a decoration-line on the lid. The lead-motives embosse also the impression of the conditioning-products as the whole communicationline: 3 oils (elixier) and 3 spices (conditioner) have been composed and tuned on „their“ ricebreed. In detail presented in the matching imagebrochure and the homepage. Products to be ordered online in the shop: →  Further works for he client: logo and stationary, design manual, imagebrochure, flyer, advertisemnt, promotionmaterial on POS. Consulting on concept and design.

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