fine sugar from java

Membrane-tin with golden brown lid, filling of 250 gramms, finishing with part laquering, dual-language (German – English) Client: LOTAO

Design for the sweet children of the product-family

The Brief:  With the concept and design of a sugarcan for „Java-Kiss“ Lotao brand does not only expand its range of products, it is opening a door for the sweet segment. So far oils and spices to improve and tune the forgotten rice-specialties from far-east, now there is the sweet finishing for Rising Sun Orange, which can be prepaired as sweet ricepudding and dessert. Finest unrefined raw sugar made from the blossom of a indonesian coconutpalm.

The packaging is not square anymore it is round shaped. It parts itself from the main product rice and should be recognised as LOTAO branded product, because rice and sugar are sold in different departments.

With „Ginger-Kiss“ the basic-layout of the „Kiss-Collection“ is to be continued which supports the new taste lemon-ginger by illustrative elements and the darker background-color visually.

 →  Further works for the client: CD, logo, stationary, design, manual, imagebrochure, flyer, advertisements, promotion material for POS. Consulting for concept and design (social media, online)

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