Logodesign Wi join it

Client: wi join it, economy and IT consultancy Frank Fukala

Basis for CI development was the USP of the entrepreneur: one who has two completed degrees in business administration and informationtechnologies, experience as controller, banker and software developer, who „joines“ both and adds the human component as consultant. Consequential this forms the companies name „wi join it“: „wi“ stands for („Wi“rtschaft in German) economy and „it“ for ( „I“nformations“T“echnologie) IT-Technology. The first scetches accent the the two main facetes and show the high variety of designpossibilities.

Arranging the words i relized how fast the brain pulled together the words to „we joint“ which had to be antagonized.

The solution was found in „Museo“ a font which fullfilled the associations I intended: Friendly and tidy.Rounded corners (in the style of UML symbolic) focuse on the word „JOIN“. Coloring in dark petrol and grassgreen on ivory background express an up-to-dateness, valuecreation and reliability.

Significant is the reliefprinting of the CI on stationary and businesscard. The QR code leads directly to the homepage: www.wijoinit.de. (under construction).

→ Concept, design and finaldrawing of CI, businesscard and stationary. Printing. Design of promotionmaterial (edition of cups with different quotes).

→ Further projects for the client: Artdirection and potrait-shooting (Photos by Andreas Huber). Supporting concept and design of homepage and brandmanagement. Design for presentations.


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