Logodesign of a ricebrand

Client. Lotao GmbH, rice-specialties

In western countries served as a side-dish it is main nutrition for people in Asia. RICE. To raise awareness for a food which is full of secrets, values and tradition from Far East, and transfer it into a main dish of a mainly western modern foodculture, this was the challenge. The forgotten Secret. East goes West.

The design of LOTAO ( „lo“ = gold, „tao“ = peoples) speaks in precious blacklaquer visual appearance and strong contrasts to give a pure and clear language.

The briefing background „feminin, valuable, spirited“ – „facile, friendly, smiling“ and stylish, modern with asia-touch gave an abundance of logo-variations which led by constant advancement to the final company-logo. The basic design of the whole fitting (logo, businesscard, stationary, forms) is black and white. In packaging it contrasts with strong coloring and a fine lining.

Both rice grains of the logo which substitute the T-Line like chopsticks, are used again as an icon for watermark on stationary, as print on a lock for the oilbottle (Elixir), or as a seal on the productpackaging. This raises the retentivity and recognition. www.lotao.com

→ the CD was accepted as nominee in the shortlist of the Corporate Design Award 2011.

→ further projects for the client:  Design manual, imagebrochure, packaging, advertising, promotion for POS, B2B.

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