Event equipment

client: Social Media Kitchen GmbH and  Rings Kommunikation

In October 2011 Social Media Kitchen and Rings Kommunikation hostet together the Event „Info&Discuss 2.0“ a round of experts who examined and discussed the matter of Social Media/Online Marketing from different point of views with referenda and audience.

Therefor invitationcards, agenda, handouts (informationbrochures about issues and referenda) and displays had to be developed. The design should present the topic in an unusual, casual and creative way, however stay reputable and to be able to be connected in series, within the existing appearance.

Social media chanels and activities have spread rapidly in the worldwide net, having penetrated with their „tentacles“ all areas of working-environment and pose many questions and insecurities to the customer. For the keyvisual we chose the drawing of a calamary and a swimmer. This should communicate that with the help of professionals complex and strange issues can be converted in sensible and successful strategies. The graph is title for the brochure, display and important conceptual part of a 10-page leporellofold-invitation which can be cut of and pinned as a poster on the wall. Overleaf you find the agenda and all seven referenda with their issues. The upper section is designed as registration-form. Individual profile and content silhouette against other competitors on the market.

Depending on the companys name  – the kitchen – the recepie for prepairing a calamar dish is included. (text by Manuela Hörmann)

→  Concept, layout and final drawing.   →  Further works for the client:  Powerpoint Presentation and illustrations for  Infografics. → see pictures.

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