Siemens Kaffeewelt

Client: Siemens,  domestic appliance

High-quality print brochure (32 pages, A4 across) for introduction in the world of special coffee cuvée 1, 2 and 3. Designed for the introduction of the new coffeemaker EQ 7 on IFA, Berlin 2008 – presented in highquality slipcase with 3 sorts of coffee.

In an one and a half year lasting innovative project with Siemens and the Networkingagency Paragraph-Eins eG. evolved the „Siemens Kaffeewelt“. It confirms the image and profiles of the company Siemens as a competend high-end producer of coffeemakers.

→ concept, artdirection, picture-research, artbuying, layout and final drawing, productionmanagement

→ within the project were 3 packaging series developed for coffee worldwide and a sponsorship for the Fazenda Sao Silvstre in Brasil (incl. Certificate and infoflyer).

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