Lotao imagebrochure

Client: Lotao GmbH, rice-specialties

The frontpage of the Lotao imagebrochure is the warrior – keyvisual of the present leadproduct SPARKLING VOLCANO terra and main motive of the first advertisements (POS, teaser-print in „TEXTE ZUR KUNST“ Edition Dec. 2010)

On 16 pages the branddevelopment, the world of the risolier and the complete assortment of rice, spices and oils was described. Recepies and access to the Lotao-Club lead consequently into the premiumworld of the brand to be expierienced. The whole philosophy can be read under: www.lotao.com

For me the main step was to scope the borders of the given frame of the CI and playfully work with the absolute terms, to introduce the „spirit“ of each ricebreed in a diversifyed and effective way as well as  to raise appetite on Asia and the consumption of rice without falling into monotously listing. It was very exciting to see how it was possible to transfer the original strategy for packaging into other media, and how procreative co-working with the customer and consulting experts led on a whole.

→ Concept, layout and finaldrawing, productionmanagement, pictureresearch, artbuying

Further projects for the client: CI, Design Manual, Logo and stationary, packaging, advertising, promotion for POS

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