Catalogue concept Maile

Client: Maile Mens-Fashion

In regular cycles the enterprise MAILE, which tailors classical mens-fashion individually for their customers, adapts its presentation of cloth- and range of samples in their main catalogue and seasonal supplements. Therefore they advertise a reward for competition presentations. Looking for fresh concepts, layouts as well as shooting ideas which show their fashion assortment in a modern makeup and coloring to stimulate the brand. Freestyle without neglecting performance of duty because the attention lies within the smallest details.

Third time in a row i managed successfully to inspire the customer with new ideas and input on content. An important aspect was the return to traditional values of the brand „Individuals of style“ and to transform these in an unexitetly and modern shaped visual appearance.

→ Presentation of cover, editorial, content and collection-pages showcase for a seasonal supplement (approx. 40 pages) and analog to the presented concept of the main catalogue (120 pages).

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