Powerpoint for Social Media Kitchen

Why do so many powerpoint-presentations look handmade?

What is the reason for saving costs and saving the complete company CD on PowerPoint-presentations?

The logo might find a place but company-typo, colors or pictures are not embedded, even if those are existing and defined. Although a presentation as a handout or on beamer are the first contacts with customers and for aquisition. PowerPoint-presentations are the businesscards of a company!

Yes, it makes an afford to put together pieces and aquire content. That’s why it is very helpful to set „standards“, to design samples and implement the issues on requirement for each presentation.

Lorenz Rings from Social Media Kitchen GmbH did not want to reinvent the wheel for each new PowerPoint-presentation, so he ordered a layout for the most important samples and foils for his company.

The visual framework exists of a coverpage, several issue-introductionpages with large format technical illustrations and a frame for content, which can be changed in 1- or 2 column and filled with picturematerials. Additionally provided is an optional edgecolumn for infos or comments.

→   Further works for the client: Info-grafics

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