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Kunde: Danièle Brown – Schmuckstücke

For Danièle Brown, a jewelrydesigner and master craftswoman, i designed a newsletter-series for her blog. The concept was to present her work online which was unusual for the jewel-industry, but suitable to catch up on newsworthy topics in a dynamic way giving lots of room for design.

More to see:

Also as PDF for mailing-actions, good reminder, lowcost production, free choice number of pages.

Last Issues:

No.1  Recycling. 5 pages.

No.2  Solitär-Ringe. 4 pages.

No.3  Schmuck am Puls. 6 pages.

No.4  Ohrschmuck. 5 pages.

No.5  Geschmeidiges. 7 pages.

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