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Online newsletter for jewelry

Kunde: Danièle Brown – Schmuckstücke For Danièle Brown, a jewelrydesigner and master craftswoman, i designed a newsletter-series for her blog. The concept was to present her work online which was unusual for the jewel-industry, but suitable to catch up on newsworthy topics in a dynamic way giving lots of room for design. More to see: Also […]


Client: Burda Communications, Online Portal “” with hitlists “the 10 best …” For the cover-flow of the online-portal for theup-to-date top-ten-lists, writen by experts for columns like: cars, digital, livestyle, sports and finance I had to design little cover- illustrations to transport the issues in a surprising, funny or crunchy way. Telling little stories which work […]

Powerpoint for Social Media Kitchen

Why do so many powerpoint-presentations look handmade? What is the reason for saving costs and saving the complete company CD on PowerPoint-presentations? The logo might find a place but company-typo, colors or pictures are not embedded, even if those are existing and defined. Although a presentation as a handout or on beamer are the first […]